Saturday, August 29, 2009

Galvin Green Aura Hat

The Aura Galvin Green Gore-Tex golf hat has been one of the surprise best selling hats for 2009.

The large floppy hat with a tie string on first apperance looks not very Galvin Green. It looks big, maybe uncool and the string makes you think if a Aussie bush ranger. The Aura hat when tried on starts to make sence, the large floppy peak is great if the weather is wet. It keeps the rain off your face and if you wear glasses the large peak is just fantastic. The string also works well, if the wind is blowing then the draw string the best. You have no worry that the hat might come off. This gives you piece of mind and alllows you to get on with the job in hand. Then ofcourse there is the Gore-Tex material used that keeps the rain off your head and allows your head to breath.

If you want the best rain hat of 2009 then the Aura hat has to be it.

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