Sunday, September 20, 2009

Insula Galvin Green Golf Clothing

Galvin Green are re-writing the way we think about golf clothing, and how best to look, feel and perform our best on the golf course. Back in the day golf was about middle aged men wearing very strange knit wear with trousers that could only be warn on a golf course. The days of Nick Faldo wearing jumpers with big diamond shape golfers on have long gone. Golfers have got younger, braver and want to look good on and off the course. Galvin Green know this and have acted in a way that has only improved the way golfers dress.

I brought my first Galvin Green Insula windtop last week, it was not cheap but it has to be the best wind/ jacket/ jumper I have ever warn to play golf in. Not only does it make feel great with its very modern design but it is just so comfortable. The fitted sleeves feel great and keeps my arms free to move and feel the golf club. The waffle Insula design on the inside of the garment keeps you warm and is so soft to touch. The colours look great on and the Galvin Green logoing on the arm and down the back tell people that I am trying my best and hear to compete.

The Galvin Green Insula range is modern and hear to stay, golfers are aloud to feel and look great thanks to Galvin Green golf clothing.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Galvin Green Daniel Insula Jacket available in two colours. The Insula technology makes the Daniel Jacket one of the most comfortable Jackets I have ever worn. The waffle design on the inside of the Galvin Green garment helps keep the heat trapped close to your body to keep you warm. The Galvin Green logo on the arm and down the back of the Daniel makes the such a fashionable item. The Galvin Green Daniel features a half zip design which also looks great in the different colour.

The only reason more people dont own this Galvin Green Insula jacket is because it is not cheap.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Galvin Green Akron Waterproof

The Galvin Green Akron Waterproof is a new waterproof jacket from Galvin Green. The Gore-Tex golf waterproof jacket feature a insula lineing that will keep you warm this winter. The Gore-Tex material will keep you 100% dry and still allow you to stay cool. The best feature on this jacket apart from all the main Galvin Green design is the pockets on this side of the jacket. I often will find myself with my hands in my pockets and this is something I miss in the other Galvin waterproofs.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Galvin Green Air Jacket

The Galvin Green Air Paclite Gore-Tex Jacket has to be one of the lightest waterproof garments I have ever warn. The Air jacket is made from Gore-Tex that will keep you 100% dry while at the same time allowing heat to move away from your body to keep you cool. The Paclite design makes the Air very lightweight and comfortable to wear and so easy to carry in your golf bag. The Air Jacket has been treated to help the water run off the garment and stop the water from soaking into the light weight waterproof.

The Air Jacket is a great summer waterproof because it is so light to wear and to carry, saying that the style and the half zip design will make the Air a very popular golf waterproof all year round.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Galvin Green Aura Hat

The Aura Galvin Green Gore-Tex golf hat has been one of the surprise best selling hats for 2009.

The large floppy hat with a tie string on first apperance looks not very Galvin Green. It looks big, maybe uncool and the string makes you think if a Aussie bush ranger. The Aura hat when tried on starts to make sence, the large floppy peak is great if the weather is wet. It keeps the rain off your face and if you wear glasses the large peak is just fantastic. The string also works well, if the wind is blowing then the draw string the best. You have no worry that the hat might come off. This gives you piece of mind and alllows you to get on with the job in hand. Then ofcourse there is the Gore-Tex material used that keeps the rain off your head and allows your head to breath.

If you want the best rain hat of 2009 then the Aura hat has to be it.

Galvin Green Insula Design Review

The Galvin Green Insula garments have to be the best way to stay dry this winter, the unique design keeps the heat next to your body while still allowing the moisture move out from the garment.